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          30 tips for becoming a better rider

          Friday, 10 September, 2021

          Whoever hasn't dreamed of being a (or even the) best rider should cast the first stone!
          At Seaver, we work to improve the health and performance of horses. But being a good rider is all about learning more and training more!
          We give you 30 easy tips for becoming a better rider, so you can achieve your goals.

          1. tidy up your tack room every month

          2. Clean out all of her things at least once a year

          3. Do his leathers more often

          4. Practice another sport in addition to riding (swimming, jogging, volleyball, really anything you like!).

          5. Make yourself more flexible to better accompany your horse(take up yoga, stretch more often...)

          6. Stand up straighter every day to strengthen your back muscles and improve your posture!

          7. Watch seminars, conferences, youtube videos, in short, learn from the best

          8. Review your theory!

          9. Work on your cardio

          10. Locate the exercises to be reproduced astride the Seaver application

          11. Listen to riding podcasts

          12. Establish a routine with your horse

          13. Ride several horses to avoid faults

          14. Prepare your sessions in advance

          15. Work on foot to learn reproducible codes on horseback

          16. Give yourself quantifiable objectives

          17. Analyze your horse's progress after the session using the Seaver application to identify areas for improvement.

          18. Observe it to understand it better

          19. Take care of him to strengthen your relationship

          20. Learn to be patient and take small steps forward... Rome wasn't built in a day!

          21. Focus on your faults

          22. Think horse, are your demands clear enough?

          23. Don't ask for exercises that are too difficult for your horse

          24. Try to get yourself filmed so that you can see your mistakes for yourself

          25. Don't be too hard on yourself, there are good days, and there are bad days....

          26. Have fun! And remember why you ride....

          27. Concentrate on your sensations: does my horse engage his hindquarters sufficiently and does he raise his back?

          28. Get framed

          29. Ride in different work areas: riding school, quarry, outdoor...

          30. Monitor your performance with the Seaver application

          And now you have all the keys you need to progress and become a better rider. This involves setting goals and analyzing your performance. With this in mind, Seaver has created a free application that allows you to track your progress session by session, even without equipment. And if you want to take your progress even further, then equip yourself with CEEFIT or CEEFIT + CEEFIT Pulse & ECG to analyze every piece of data precisely!

          And you, what routine have you put in place to progress? What tips do you already use?