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          Because we believe that technology can become a major ally in improving the relationship between a rider and his horse and accompany them in their objectives. sports on a daily basis, we have developed our second generation of sensors, CEEFIT and CEEFIT Pulse & ECG.

          This Podcast will help you better understand Seaver tracking tools. and to know how to analyze each of the functionalities included in our technology.

          The electrocardiogram

          In this episode, our guest of the day Martine Antys, an equine veterinarian specializing in electrocardiograms, deciphers for us the importance of ensuring a good cardiac follow-up for her horse.

          Whatever the discipline and level of training of the horse, it is essential to be able to prevent the risk of accidents by carrying out a veterinary follow-up of the horse and its cardiac health.

          When, how, how often - you will discover in this episode the basics of the electrocardiogram.

          Good listening to all

          Balancing your work on the plate

          Discover Episode 3, whose theme is working on the dish. We will discuss the proper balance of a session and the distribution between the different gaits and both hands, as well as the rebound of the horse.

          Cardio and calories

          In this episode we will look at the importance of knowing and monitoring your horse's heart rate at rest and during training.
          Heart rate monitoring is a tool used in almost every sport.

          Zakaria Antar presents Seaver Podcast

          Zakaria Antar presents the Seaver Podcast channel.

          The right jump with Cyrine Cherif

          What is a good jump for you? What shall the rider feel when the jump was good? These are the questions we asked the showjumper Cyrine Cherif to better understand all the indicators of a good jumping session.

          Warm-up routine with Libby Seed

          In this episode, our guest is the British 4* eventing rider Libby Seed.how long should a warm-up routine last? What shall we expect from the horse? When do we know that a horse is ready to enter the main arena? How can we adapt our routine to each of our horses?

          The electrocardiogram (ECG)


          In this episode, our guest is Atocha Calvo Santesmases. Atocha is an equine vet at EquiTrain veterinarian clinic in Madrid. What is an ECG and why should we perform ECGs on horses on a regular basis? Here are the questions addressed in this episode.

          Heart rate and calories

          Checking that your horse is healthy should become a daily routine, almost a second nature. In this podcast, we give you the keys to monitor and analyze your horse's heart rate at rest and during training and understand why measuring the heart rate is so crucial.

          Zakaria Antar introduces Seaver Podcast

          Zakaria Antar introduces Seaver Podcast

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