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          Horse riding: the most dangerous sport in the world

          Thursday, 28 October, 2021

          Every year falls from horses are responsible for numerous accidentssome of them fatal. When you're a rider, protecting yourself is a priority. That's why certain protective measures are compulsory, such as the use of bombs or protective vests on the cross-country. In recent years, a new piece of equipment has entered the market: the airbag vest. More and more riders of all levels are donning them. Developed specifically for riding, the airbag vest SAFEFIT airbag vest was created to protect riders from the underestimated dangers of this sport. 

          Horseback riding causes more than 6000 accidents per year 

          Riding (and yes, riding is a sport!) is the most likely to land you in hospital. 

          Riding a horse is more risky than skiing or racing, according to a study by American researchers (source :Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open). To reach this conclusion, the researchers studied 25,000 people between 2007 and 2016. Here is what they found. In total, falls from horses caused more than 45,600 injuries. In 37% of the cases, they affected the chest. Arms were injured in 26% of cases and the legsin 23% of cases. The abdomen was affected in 13.5% of cases.

          Focus on head and neck injuries

          Considered the most serious and dangerous, these injuries were found in both women and men, with an average age of 47 years. Furthermore, "the risk of hospitalisation is higher for equestrian injuries than for football, skiing or motor vehicle racing" according to the researchers.

          Of the 320 people who died as a result of equestrian injuries during the study period, 237 riders suffered neck and head injuries, making them the leading cause of death. "It is essential to highlight the importance of safety measures and the use of horseback riding protective equipment, whether it is for a leisurely ride or for a longer period of time say the researchers.

          Accidents happen quickly on horseback and can have serious consequences for the health of the rider. This is what Clara tells us about her traumatic experience: 

          "I was riding a horse for the first time. It was a cool day and I could feel the horse's energy. At a walk with long reins, the horse took off at full gallop with great ass kicks. I fell forward quite violently and felt one of his legs hit my chest. The fire department had to intervene. The result: a "fractured" liver! I had to stay in hospital for a while to avoid bleeding."

          Being a victim of this type of accident is the dreaded fate of every rider. To avoid this, it is essential to choose the right protective equipment. 

          SAFEFIT by SEAVER, the high protection airbag vest for riders

          At SEAVER, we have developed the SAFEFIT airbag vest. Neck area, back, lumbar area, pelvis, sacrum and thoracic cage, SAFEFIT offers you complete protection of vital areas of your body from serious injury.

          Wearing an airbag vest has been shown to reduce the likelihood of serious injury by 94% to 81%. General injury areas are protected by 75% and fatal injury areas by 98%. 

          To ensure maximum safety, our airbag has been tested by an independent laboratory and has been awarded the certification guaranteeing its effectiveness. 

          SAFEFIT by SEAVER is the most advanced airbag vest lightweight on the market: you ride in it without even feeling it.

          Sound breathable fabric doesn't get hot, and its fit fits all body shapes.

          SAFEFIT combines safety and style you can personalize to match the rest of your equipment.

          But how does an airbag vest work?

          The SAFEFIT airbag vest attaches to the saddle using a connector cord (attached to the stirrup leathers) and a connection strap. When you fall, the tension applied to the connecting strap triggers the mechanism. This releases the gas contained in the cartridge that causes the explosion and rapid inflation of the vest. 

          In order to avoid the unintentional deployment of the airbag, be sure to detach the connecting strap from the cord on the saddle before dismounting.

          How to choose the right size of airbag vest?

          To make sure you don't make a mistake when choosing your vest, we have created a size guide guide. Waist, chest or shoulder width, measure yourself and find the perfect size in the blink of an eye!

          Where to find your SAFEFIT by SEAVER airbag vest? 

          You can now choose the safety and order your SAFEFIT airbag vest on our website. First order at SEAVER? Benefit from a discount a 15% welcome discount on your purchases!

          Pour encor犀利士 e more safetyyou can combine your airbag vest with the fall detection and geolocation system SAFERIDE. When a fall is detected, you have 15 seconds to let your SEAVER app know that you're okay. If there's no news from you, it will alert your emergency contacts with your GPS position. Activate the option from your app and set off alone outdoors with peace of mind!

          And that's not all! Seaver offers a one-year subscription to the SAFERIDE feature with every purchase of a SAFEFIT airbag vest.

          SAFEFIT protects you in case of fall and significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries

          Dangerous sport but sport of passion Ride safely and give it your all with SAFEFIT! 

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