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          In the intimacy of the Balsiger stables: the daily life of Ken, Swiss show jumping rider

          Thursday, April 20, 2023

          Ken Maïlys and Maïwen in March 2023
          Ken, Maïlys and Maïwen during our meeting in March 2023

          In March 2023, we visited the Balsiger stables in Switzerland. We visited our new ambassador Ken Balsiger, who had just joined the Seaver team. We discovered the daily life of the Swiss show jumping rider, divided between high level competitions and teaching at the equestrian center.

          Table of contents

          Presentation time

          Ken Balsiger is a 28 year old international show jumping rider from Switzerland. Together with his father Thomas Balsiger and his brother Bryan Balsiger, they run an equestrian center located in the heights of Neuchâtel.

          In addition to their excellence as high level competitorsThe Balsiger family is also competent in education and in coaching for students of all levels. The Cudret equestrian center has more than 25 years of experience. Thus, they offer courses to learn or improve his technique.

          They also offer a service of horse trade and help each client in his search thanks to their address book and the horses available in their stables. Whether you are looking for a leisure horse or a competition horse, the Balsiger family is committed to helping you find the one that best suits your desires and your budget.

          If you want to know more about the Centre Equestre du Cudret, please visit the website of the Balsiger stables. You will find all the information concerning their services, the stables and the news.

          Blasiger Stables, an ideal living and working environment

          logo of the equestrian center of Cudret in Switzerland where the Balsiger stables are located

          You are now installed in the Balsiger stables located in a magnificent setting at the gates of Neuchâtel, the Centre Equestre du Cudret. Can you tell us a little more about these stables ?

          I was born here in Neufchâtel and I have always been at the Balsiger stables here at Equestrian Center of Cudret. My parents, Thomas and Patricia, built the equestrian center when I was born. Except for a small experience abroad, I have never moved from the stables.

          The location is ideal! Located in the middle of nature and on the edge of the forest, the stables offer a breathtaking view of Lake Neuchâtel and the Alps. In addition, it is only 10 minutes from the center of Neuchâtel and 5 minutes from the nearest highway exit. It is perfect for competitions !

          If you want to see what's going on at our riding center, you can check out our Instagram account, the official Cudret Riding Center Page, where we share our latest news, results and life at our stables.

          Could you give us more details about your daily life at Balsiger Stables and describe a typical day?

          Ken at work with his horse in the arena at Balsiger Stables

          Every day is different for me, which is one of the reasons I love my job! The routine is somewhat dictated by the weather, as you also have to take care of the ancillary facilities.

          Generally, my days go like this: in the morning, I try to work my horses. The afternoon is more dedicated to the maintenance of the stables as well as to various tasks. Finally, in the evening, I give lessons to my riders.

          We also have regular competitions, which punctuate my season and allow me to set specific objectives for each horse.

          A high level sports career

          What is the equestrian memory that has marked you the most?

          My most memorable memory is competing in the world championships with a horse I personally trained. We finished in 8th place. It is one of my greatest accomplishments to be able to take a 4 year old horse to that level of competition! It fills me with pride.

          "One of my proudest accomplishments is being able to lead a young horse to the highest level."

          Ken and his beautiful grey horse in competition

          At only 28 years old, you are still very young! What is your biggest equestrian dream?

          My biggest dream would be to participate in the Olympic Games, ideally with my brother to team up together. And in the short term, another of my dreams is to participate in CSIO with the Swiss team.

          Do you have any goals for this season?

          For this season, my goal is to further consolidate my position at the national level. Last year, I had a good season, which allowed me to participate in the CHI of Geneva. This year, I am aiming for at least the same level of performance, or even better, and I want to be even more consistent in my results.

          Since our interview in March 2023, Ken has already started to achieve his goals! Indeed, last Monday April 10th, he won the Grand Prix of Amriswil with his beautiful grey horse, Héros de Roumaillard CH. This victory allows him to win the first Grand Prix of the season, which counts for the Wild Cards circuit.

          Do you have an indispensable object or accessory when you ride?

          Personally, I am not very attached to any particular item and I rely mostly on my feeling. Each horse being different, I use different equipment depending on the case: some horses need whips, spurs, hunting collars, martingales, while others do not need them at all. So I don't have any accessory or fetish object that I use systematically.

          "Every horse is different, the most important thing is to know how to adapt."

          Collaboration with Seaver: a guarantee of reinforced security

          How do you perceive the use of airbags in general?

          For me, I think airbags are beneficial, especially for young riders who are in the learning phase and fall often. In my opinion, airbags prevent a lot of falls and serious injuries.

          You are now equipped with the SAFEFIT by Seaver airbag. What did you think of it when you first tried it?

          When I tried the SAFEFIT airbag for the first time, I felt that it was not enough.e thefound it very pleasant to wear and comfortable. In addition, its elegant design did not bother me at all on horseback!

          News from the Balsiger stables

          The Balsiger family is organizing its summer horse show at the Centre Equestre du Cudret in June 2023. Divided into several categories, spectators will have the opportunity to attend over 2,000 starts. Follow the news on their website and on social networks in order not to miss any information about the event!

          We are thrilled that Ken Balsiger, has chosen the SAFEFIT by Seaver airbag to enhance his safety on horseback! This partnership with a world-class rider demonstrates Seaver's commitment to extending protection to a wide range of riders, even at the highest level.