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Thursday, 9 July, 2020

Horse Well-Being And Health After A Long Period Of Inactivity: Lockdown And Discomfort, How Does A Chain Of Injury Set In?

With the osteopathy development in the equestrian field for about twenty years now, a concept spread itself to become very trendy between riders and osteopaths: “physical compensation”. A term that has become familiar to explain, as a rider, what seems logical (or not…) on the horse’s movement deficiency. This term is rightly used to ...

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Thursday, 2 July, 2020

Horse well-being and health after a long period of inactivity: my mare is particularly moody, what can I do?

Sexual hormones excesses often bother mares, not only morally but also physically. They lead to mood swings, small colic, cervical, back, and lumbar muscle tensions. Besides, sometimes, training sessions or intense emotions can induce stress and can even trigger Myositis. Discover this particularly unsteady mare’s case and solutions to relieve her tensions in this ...

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Thursday, 25 June, 2020

Horse well-being and health after a long period of inactivity: how to solve a lack of tonicity?

Not all horses are equal when it comes to tonicity: some of them stay in shape and tonic with only two training sessions per week, when others need to be trained daily (no more than one or two days off a week) to maintain a musculature that is adapted to their sport level. Marbuzet’s ...

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Thursday, 5 December, 2019

Edward Levy, the young gifted showjumper, new Seaver ambassador!

Edward Levy, 5 * rider and key player of the French jumping team, joins the Seaver community as an ambassador. Find out more about him through this article!

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Thursday, 14 November, 2019

How did I detect a start of a tendon injury thanks to Seaver technology?

Blackhead of any rider, especially sport riders, tendon injury is often synonymous with a long period of recovery and rehabilitation when it does not unfortunately stop definitively the horse's sport career. Known as one of the most common injuries in equestrian sports, we will explain to you, through this user experience, how it is possible to prevent this kind of wound before seeing the actual clinical symptoms.

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