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          Aspiring to become a professional: the fateful transition between juniors, young riders and seniors

          Wednesday, May 10, 2023

          Meet Robert Murphy

          Table of contents

          Jumping is a very popular discipline in the UK, home to many of the world's greatest show jumpers, including Nick Skelton, Scott Brash and Ben Maher. The country is also known for its training stables and its prestigious competitions such as the Badminton Horse Trials and the Burghley Horse Trials, which attract riders and spectators from all over the world.

          Today, we went to meet Robert Murphyyoung up-and-coming British rider. The aim: to discuss his feelings about the transition from junior to senior events.


          Aged only 23 years oldHe quickly made his mark on the national scene. Coming from a riding familyHe has been familiar with the equestrian world since birth. Selected to join the Young Rider Academy 2023Robert set up his training camp in Belgium. This enabled him to train with the future prodigies of show jumping, and eventually to establish himself at international level.

          Aspiring to be a professional: Robert Murphy's story

          Aspiring to become a professional : The junior/senior transition

          Visit transition of the junior category to the senior category was not difficult for the young British rider. He has focused on his progression and determination from a young age. He has always attached great importance to preparing your horses to achieve his goals. With experience, he has developed a heightened sense of detail and responsibilityThis is particularly true of top-level competitions. From the age of 18 years oldhe had already taken an important step by creating its own equestrian structure. This important step has made him even more responsible.

          His participation in the Young Rider Academy

          Many riders such asHarry Charles, Jack Ryan or even Bertram Allen have passed through the ranks of the Young Rider Academy. This same academy has played a crucial role in the success of Harry Charles, who has been able to reach the highest world level thanks to it. Indeed, in 2018, he won the title of European Junior Champion. He is currently taking part in the most important selections to represent the UK.

          For its 2023 edition, Robert Murphy selected as one of the most promising young riders to take part in the program. After several days of observation by experts from the Young Rider Academy in the Netherlands at the Kronenberg facilities, the jury opened the doors to the program to six riders, including Robert.

          His participation in the Young Rider Academy represents a unique opportunity for Robert to benefit from quality training and a personalized follow-up.

          "It's the ideal opportunity to perfect your technique and learn from the best".

          Robert Murphy

          The Young Rider Academy has a dedicated website where each rider is presented in detail. On this site, you can consult the profiles of the six riders chosen for the ninth edition, as well as their news and results.

          "Without hard work and discipline, you don't get anywhere."

          Robert Murphy would advise an ambitious young rider aiming for the top level to invest fully and working hard at every stage of his equestrian trainingby committing 200% to every effort he makes. Robert concludes with the same idea:

          Aspiring to be a professional: Robert Murphy's story

          "You also have to be prepared to do what others wouldn't do to get where you want to go. So yes, you have to work hard.

          The young rider plans to concentrate on his objectives in the coming months. He is determined to continue progress with his horses, improve his technique on his return to England, and even took part in some of the Nation Cup if his horses are up to it and his results allow it. We hope he continues on this path with success!

          The entire Seaver team is proud to support a young world show jumping talent, bringing him safety and serenity on horseback. Robert wears the SAFEFIT by Seaver airbag during his competitions.

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