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          How to monitor your horse's severe lameness with Seaver? - The case of Louise and Bugsy

          Thursday, October 11, 2018

          This article is a little different from the ones you're used to. It'sa testimonial from a rider who's been won over by Seaver. We love to hear from people who use our products, to find out how they use them and what they like about them. The story of our user, Louise, particularly touched us, so we decided to share her adventures with you in an article as Seaver helped her to monitor her horse's lameness.

          "Everyone I've talked to about the Seaver product loves it."

          Louise's mare, Blaenlian Doodleba Supreme (aka Bugsy), remained stopped for almost 18 months due to severe serious lameness problems in her forelegs. Louise and her vet tried many treatments: rest, steroid injections in the joints, bone scans, special shoes, etc., but nothing worked. Despite 9 000 £ spent on diagnosticsthey failed to unseal the problem and her mare remained lame for many months...

          They finally stopped all treatments and Louise had to face what her veterinarian then considered to be the best thing to do: having to euthanize her mare...😪

          They decided to let her rest and see what happened. Around January, she seemed to be doing better, and by February she was no longer showing signs of lameness. That's when they decided to put her back to work. Around the same time, Louise also received her Seaver connected girth guard connected girth guard. Yippee! 🍾

          Using the girth guard enabled Louise to check the evolution of her mare's symmetry data, with the hope that her health would continue to improve. On her first try, she was eager to see what the symmetry would show, and her mare scored 46.5% left and 54.5% on the right. There was onlya difference of 3%. ! She was pleased with the results, given her mare's medical history. Obsessing over her mare's every little crooked step, Louise continued to check regularly that all was well, and her symmetry finally improved over time. Take a look at the data below 😉

                                                                       13 April 6 May 15 June

          "The Seaver girth guard is a fantastic way to monitor your horse's overall health."

          A few weeks later, they did cross-country training for the first time in two years. The mare was completely at ease and in great shape. She was back to her old self. She finished the course as well as she'd started it. The next day, she even dropped it on a walk and galloped around a cornfield on her own! And the girth guard recorded it all! 😝

          "The Seaver girth guard was a lifesaver, letting me know how my mare was really doing, not how I thought she was doing!"

          Its current symmetry is very good, and it sometimes even achieves 50/50. A few weeks ago, they even took part in their first show jumping competition!

          30 May, recovery work following a lunging session

          What a great story and thank you Louise for sharing!

          ▶️ If you'd like to find out more about symmetry, take a look at our article on this feature: https: //seaverhorse.com/comprendre-la-fonctionnalite-seaver-symetrie/

          See you soon for a new article,

          The Seaver team 😘