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          Seaver or Equisense? The differences explained.

          Tuesday, 22 June, 2021

          Seaver or Equisense? We explain the similarities and differences in this article! ⬇️

          Seaver or Equisense? With Seaver, you will be able to offer a comfortable session adapted to your horse.

          Don't miss a key moment. 

          Seaver is the only company to offer a SmartWatch application that allows you to monitor nearly a dozen parameters of your horse at work. Too much effort, a peak in stress or a deterioration in your horse's symmetry at the trot? You will be informed in time to adapt your work. 

          "CEEFIT is very useful to me for monitoring Bacardi's rehabilitation after he injured his pastern tendon. I'm delighted to be able to follow his locomotion with the trot symmetry and the health tool, becauseit enables me to adapt the work to his efforts with break times ".

          Manon Armand
          Equitation - Innovation
          Manon Armand
          Comparison - Seaver - or - Equisense - table

          With Seaver, get the most advanced, scientifically validated health data on the market.

          A study was carried out by independent researchers from the University of Dijon. The study validated the reliability of our tools, which offer more in-depth monitoring of your horse's heart health, with the calculation of effort zones, recovery times and electrocardiogram measurements.

          "CEEFIT data helps me to work my horses in the right direction. It's a real plus that gives me the information I need to keep my horses in good shape".  

          Charlotte Slosse
          Seaver - riding - innovation - Hightech
          Charlotte Slosse
          Table - comparison - Seaver - or - Equisense

          With Seaver, choose convenience and adaptability at a lower price.

          At Seaver, we have two complementary products that can be used together. First, with CEEFIT, get locomotion, jumping and GPS data. Then you can add CEEFIT Pulse & ECG, and get heart data too. 


          "In any case I am just thrilled with my purchase, it's just crazy this technology! I have a problem horse with a lot of foot problems and it's great to know everything and to be able to evaluate if he's pushing too hard or not. I sold my equisense to come to you. Keep it up, it's really great!

          Juliette Bidaud
          Riding - rider - horse
          Comparison - Seaver - Equisense

          Features designed for you, the rider and guarantor of your horse's health.


          Jumping - comparison - Seaver - Equisense

          Now that you have all the information you need, it's
          up to you!

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