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          Studying your horse's heart rate with Seaver

          Tuesday, October 16, 2018

          This article is updated to match the horse heart rate features with CEEFIT Pulse & ECG. Discover CEEFIT Pulse & ECG, our new generation heart rate belt.

          Let's recap: perhaps you already know our Quick Star girth sleeve? First connected horse equipment available on the market, its heart rate measurement is scientifically validated:

          We are proud to announce that we have just received another scientific validation. It measures heart rate and rhythm of your horse. Nicolas Babault is Director of the Centre d'Expertise de la Performance Gilles Cometti in Dijon. Justine Guillaume is a doctor in exercise physiology and physical trainer. Together, they put the Seaver sensor to the test.

          Today, we're introducing the second generation with CEEFIT and CEEFIT Pulse & ECG, our new heart rate monitor. Here we explain the benefits and why we should all start studying our horses' heart rates, both during exercise and at rest:

          Why measure the heart rate of our horses?

          Today, horses, like riders, have the status of athletes. Horse lovers are creating more and more facilities to provide them with comfort: balneotherapy, spa... Numerous professions around the horse are also emerging: shiatsu practitioner, masseur, algotherapist... Everything is done to help the horse lead a good life. In particular, to facilitate recovery, just like any other athlete.

          All athletes undergo stress tests, and everything is monitored. From their sleep to their respiratory rate, the teams surrounding the athlete monitor their entire environment. This maximizes the chances of performance.

          But then, knowing that the horse is an athlete, why don't we do the same?

          This was the starting point for the Seaver team's development of a practical, easy-to-use heart sensor for everyday use by riders. It enables you to precisely measure your horse's heart rate. It's an invaluable tool, as it tells you a lot when you learn to read it. We've written an article on the subject here, summarizing the functions of the heart rate monitor.犀利士 heart rate functions in detail!

          How to develop such a tool?

          Using human heart rate sensors, we simply applied this technology to the horse.

          After developing our first prototypes, we had to test the reliability of our measurements heart rate measurements with the connected sensor. After harvesting, we compared these measurements with those of the sensor Polar.

          We put 15 horses of around 8 years of age, trained daily and turning on 125 to 145 cm events, to the study.
          After collecting their data, we could see that they were very close to those recorded by Polar.

          That's how we came to the conclusion that our sensor was ready!

          The CEEFIT Pulse & ECG also features two electrodes: one near the horse's withers, the other near its sternum. These are the devices used to measure heart rate. The belt is made of breathable mesh fabric. It's easy to care for and very comfortable for the horse.

          How do you use it every day?

          Your horse's heart rate gives you many indications of his current state of fitness. It will help you determine whether your horse is tired or stressed, even if he doesn't show any signs to the naked eye. It can also tell you if your horse is showing signs of pain.

          During training, this data will tell you whether the session session was more intense than you expected for your horse. This makes it an excellent asset for take it easy or, on the contrary, to push him a little harder if your training sessions tend to be very soft. As balance is the key to any good workout, the sensor proves to be an ally in preserving your horse's well-being.

          This tool is also very interesting for endurance or eventing riders. It enables you to keep an eye on your horse during long gallops and cardio-focused training sessionsIt will also teach you a lot about the horse's ability to perform. It will also teach you a lot about recovery time recovery time.

          So who wants to measure their horse's heart rate?

          The team Seaver