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          The FEI World Pony Jumping Trophy, a promising new circuit.

          Monday, December 19, 2016

          Faced with a lack of pony events during the winter period, the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) has decided to launch a brand new circuit. Welcome to the FEI World Pony Jumping Trophy

          Unlike the World Cup horse events, it will be run over a calendar year. Indeed, only riders under the age of sixteen are allowed to compete on the International Pony Circuit.

          This brand new circuit will allow pony riders to benefit from magnificent infrastructures during the winter period. This period has unfortunately been largely ignored by the FEI on the pony side.

          The program includes two events. A warm-up test (speed) so that the couples can adapt to the track. This will be followed by a 1.35m test with jump-off.

          The first 犀利士 edition will take place on the occasion of the Mechelen CSI from December 26 to 30. However, it will count towards the 2017 season. The second stage will be held in the Netherlands at Indoor Brabant. The circuit will resume after the summer. It will conclude at the end of the year with a final featuring the best couples in the ranking.

          Only two riders from the top five nations of the last European Championships can be selected. In addition, the FEI and the organisers reserve the right to award three Wild Cards each. This leaves, at last count, the chance for two French riders.

          The aim of this initiative is not only to allow riders to benefit from the most beautiful infrastructures but also to allow them to benefit from the public present at these major events.

          Read the press release here

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