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          Badminton 2022: Libby Seed's highlights from this exceptional edition

          Wednesday, May 3, 2023

          The Badminton Horse TrialsThe Badminton House Horse Show is one of the most prestigious and renowned equestrian events in the world. Set in the beautiful grounds of Badminton House in Gloucestershire, England, this CCI5 level is one of the key stages of the international eventing circuit. The Badminton Horse Trials attracts the best riders and horses from around the world each year. Seaver went to meet Libby Seed, eventer. Finishing 28th out of 83 starts at the 2022 Badminton event, she looks back on her experience.

          Table of contents

          Who is Libby Seed?

          Libby Seed in Eventing at Badminton 2022

          Libby Seed, Seaver partner rider, is a talented English eventing rider. She has been passionate about this sport since she was very young. She has established herself as a true competitor in this demanding discipline, notably by participating in the prestigious Badminton Horse Trials show in 2022. Today, Libby is dedicated to the training and development of her young horses. She carefully prepares them for future competitions.

          To keep up with her daily life, head over to her Instagram account!

          The insides of Libby's preparation for Badminton 2022.

          Participating in the Badminton Horse Trials was especially important to Libby and her family, who put a lot of effort into it. Preparing for this event is very time consuming and is very important to them. intense both physically and mentally. In terms of horse preparation, Libby took the same approach as in previous events she has attended, by focusing on the physical condition of his horses, and his own. Libby confided to us that one of the things she did was "(...)focused on the dressage, which was the most difficult part of the competition" for her and her mount.

          The arrival in Badminton, a crucial and emotional first day.

          During her first steps at Badminton last year, Libby was overwhelmed by the sense of unreality. She described the key steps in her arrival at the competition.

          "Just go and enjoy the experience with your horse"

          The first step was the veterinary visit. Then, we had to get the pack for the rider and install the horses in the stables. The atmosphere, the prestigious facilities and the setting of the competition made an immediate impression on her. Although the competition had not yet started, she realized that she was going to be part of it. Particularly enthusiastic and eager to get started, she remembers her first training session on site and walking around the stables. She tried to take advantage to the maximum and soak up the atmosphere. This experience represented the dream of a lifetime and she was going to savor every moment of it.

          The most dreaded event: the cross-country course.

          Libby Seed in Eventing at Badminton 2022

          For the young rider, as for many of the participants of the competition, it is the cross-country event provided him with the most nervousness. "When it comes to dressing, it's all about preparation beforehand" according to Libby. You just have to apply what you've worked on and rehearsed in training, so that's the least stressful part. The cross-country event, on the other hand, generates a lot of adrenalineShe had a lot of time to prepare for the event, especially a few hours before the event. In order to prepare herself for the event, Libby walked the course several times on her own, but also accompanied by her mother, who has accompanied her on her competitions since she was young, and her coaches.

          As for the show jumping, she simply wanted to achieve a clear round. She wanted to finish the show, which she did! Finishing her show with a clear round and going all the way through this unique experience was a real source of pride for Libby.

          The last word: his advice for riders who want to participate in Badminton.

          Libby Seed in Eventing at Badminton 2022

          If Libby Seed were to learn one lesson from this experience it would surely be this: "To participate in an event of this level is a great privilege, especially after working hard day and night to reach this level". When the competition goes well, even without a final result, it is the most beautiful reward and it is very rewardingsays Libby.

          "It's a privilege to enjoy and savor every moment, because you never know if you'll have the opportunity to compete at this level again."

          Libby Seed

          Thus, she emphasizes that it is essential to enjoy even stressful situations and to fully absorb each experience.

          Team Seaver is thrilled to have such a talented rider as Libby Seed as an ambassador. We are pleased to offer her a protection and a peace of mind when riding a horse. Thanks to the use of theSAFEFIT by Seaver airbagLibby is assured of being protected in case of a fall. This is especially important when working with young horses.