Payment in 10 times available on the shop ! Order your SAFEFIT airbag for €50/month

Live tracking
Your family and friends can now follow you live throughout your hacks.
Fall detection
A fall during your hack? Safe Ride sends out an alert, your family and friends are notified and can geo-locate you.
Activate Safe Ride at the beginning of every horse training session.
If a fall is detected, your emergency contacts are notified
The app detects your fall thanks to your phone.
A 15-second pop-up message appears to let you know if everything is OK.
If you don't answer, your emergency contacts are alerted with your GPS location.
Accurate GPS tracking,
with several real-time data
Gaits detection
Right/left lead distribution
IOS and ANDROID application
IOS and ANDROID application

No Seaver equipment required : Just use the Seaver application for mobile, available on your app store.


Unlimited number of trainings with the Safe Ride feature on.


Safe Ride activated in unlimited.

No equipment required
No equipment required

All you need is your phone and the Seaver mobile app. You don't need any additional Seaver equipment.

Google PlayApp Store
Activate Safe Ride.
Get a safe workout.
From your Seaver application, enter your emergency contacts. Activate the Safe Ride feature before starting your training. Ride with peace of mind.
IOS and ANDROID application
Go to the app store and the play store to download the Seaver application and create your account today.
Unlimited number of trainings with the Safe Ride feature on.
Safe Ride activated in unlimited.
Download the Seaver application

What our users think of us

A tool I can no longer do without! It allows me to comfort my sensations and to follow the physical state of my mare.
by mail
It is a product of the future which promises very beautiful things for the follow-up and the study of his horse!

It has become a really practical tool to analyze my sessions and see the overall progress of the horse and rider couple.
on Facebook
Thank you for your very reactive after-sales service, the new girth works perfectly!
by mail
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