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Put data on your feelings

With Seaver technology, you can monitor your horse's health and adapt his training for a better daily follow-up of his physical condition and a preserved complicity.

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The horse is an athlete; like any sportsman, he can express his full potential when his training is adapted and his physical and mental integrity is respected.
Today, many sportsmen and women, amateurs or professionals, use connected equipment such as speed sensors, cadence sensors or other smartwatches to follow their training and progress while preserving their health.

Why then, by analogy, couldn't a rider measure his horse's heart rate or the quality of his locomotion with precision, thanks to innovative riding equipment, and thus better understand his horse, adapt his training and protect his health?

Seaver, at the service of the horse-rider relationship

Founded in 2016 by Zakaria Antar and Pierre-Yves Lalo, Seaver, a Paris-based startup, was born out of a desire to bring the technological advances that many equestrian sports benefit from to equestrian sports.
Its team, composed of horse riding enthusiasts, has set itself the mission of providing constructive and educational assistance to riders and their entourage (coach, veterinarians, osteopaths, grooms, ...). It develops connected equipment for horses, but also an additional support composed of equestrian exercises designed by professionals of the sector and advice in the interpretation of the collected data.
Aware of the evolutions of the market in which it evolves, the French startup Seaver bases its research and development around the health and well-being of horses, and how to optimize them. It proposes a new technology, integrated into the usual riding equipment (girth, girth guard, sensors), adaptable and practical, giving riders the opportunity to measure their training, prevent and anticipate the risk of injury and participate in the progress of their riding. An application, available on IOS and Android, has been created in parallel, connected by Bluetooth to all Seaver riding products, in order to collect data from your session and interpret each of your training sessions. Cardio, locomotion, quality of the session, measurement of jumps performed, more than twenty features allow you to base your riding not only on the interpretation of your feelings, but also on objective facts and figures. Seaver offers you the most technologically advanced riding equipment on the market.
For the democratisation of connected equestrian equipment

Seaver wants to offer cutting-edge technology with unique and reliable features for riding. This is why it concentrates its efforts on the continuous improvement of its products, in close collaboration with researchers, veterinarians, instructors and riders. It also wishes to be, in the eyes of its users, a useful source of information to optimize the use of its connected products.  

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For a preserved horse-rider relationship

Relying on objective facts provided by technology to improve the relationship between a rider and his horse is a matter of course for the Seaver team. This is why it provides its users with a White Paper to help them use and analyse the data collected. Riding connected will no longer hold any secrets for you.

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For new connected equestrian horizons

As a pioneer in connected riding equipment, Seaver has developed intelligent and practical products for easy everyday use. Constantly active in its research and development, it not only puts the health and well-being of the horse at the heart of its concerns, but also anticipates the future needs of the equestrian world.

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What our users think of us

A tool I can no longer do without! It allows me to comfort my sensations and to follow the physical state of my mare.
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It is a product of the future which promises very beautiful things for the follow-up and the study of his horse!

It has become a really practical tool to analyze my sessions and see the overall progress of the horse and rider couple.
on Facebook
Thank you for your very reactive after-sales service, the new girth works perfectly!
by mail

These top riders that Seaver helps on a daily basis...

Alex Carlet

French show jumping rider

Alexandra Dillière

French dressage rider

Anastasia Bondarieva

Ukrainian show jumping rider

Ben Stout

Canadian Show Jumping Rider

Camille Favrot

French show jumping rider

Carla Nahra

French show jumping rider

Charlotte Slosse

French show jumping rider

Inès Joly

French show jumping rider

Laura Rozier

French show jumping rider

Leona Mermillod

French show jumping rider

Lisa Kricher

French show jumping rider

Lou Fontanel

French show jumping rider

Marjolaine MDG

French show jumping rider

Sofia Sjoborn

Swedish event rider

Tanie Grépilloux

French show jumping rider

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