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The SAFEFIT airbag vest has the new NF S72-800:2022 standard, which is the only standard for the certification of riding airbags, and is CE certified, issued by the independent laboratory ALIENOR CERTIFICATION.

Horse riding is the most dangerous sport in the world.
This is the finding of a recent study by American researchers published in the online scientific journal Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open. Every year, falls from horses, even if they are not very impressive, are responsible for numerous injuries and traumas. Riding a horse is statistically the most likely way to end up in the hospital. According to researchers, riding a horse is even more risky than skiingor racing a car. Falls are the dreaded fate of riders, whether they are beginners or professionals, and can have serious consequences on the physical and moral health of those who are victims. Indeed, experiencing a serious fall is very traumatic for the rider and can be a source of fear while riding. Once installed, it is impossible for him to ride in full possession of his means and to perform as he would like.
Riding causes 6,000 accidents a year according to an American study
The study conducted by U.S. researchers found that from 2007 to 2016, horse falls caused more than 45,600 personal injuries. In some cases, they can even be fatal. Over the same period, 320 people died from them, 237 of which were from neck or nape injuries, making this type of injury the leading cause of death. Regarding non-fatal injuries, it was estimated that 37% affected the chest and 13% the abdomen. It is therefore essential to protect the vital areas of the rider's body in order to limit as much as possible the injuries with dramatic consequences.
SAFEFIT certification, a guarantee of your safety
In order to ensure maximum protection for riders and to avoid serious injuries, SAFEFIT has been subjected to numerous tests by the independent laboratory ALIÉNOR CERTIFICATION. SAFEFIT has therefore been awarded the new NF certification (S72-800:2022) and the CE mark in accordance with the European directive 89/686/CEE of 21/12/1986. This standard is the result of the work of a group of European experts who, over a period of 4 years, designed the first and only standard governing the manufacture of horse riding airbags (Personal Protective Equipment - PPE). It is the guarantee of an increased protection of the rider according to criteria such as the protected surface, the inflation speed or the shock resistance. Thus, SAFEFIT protects you from mechanical shocks, hyper flexions and hyperextensions of the trunk and the rachis. It is the best possible compromise between protection, comfort and ergonomic requirements.
SAFEFIT put to the test
SAFEFIT meets the assessment criteria for certification:
Strength of locks and restraints
Tests have been carried out to ensure that the fasteners cannot open and that the airbag cannot move more than one tenth of the length of the chest when the waistcoat is triggered.
Strap strength
The connecting strap must withstand an energy of 10J and show no signs of deterioration when tested.
SAFEFIT has also been tested for comfort and freedom of movement for the rider. It does not restrict movement and is not restrictive for the wearer.
Trigger energy
When the waistcoat explodes, the maximum system activation time must be less than 257 ms. SAFEFIT has been measured between 140 and 248 ms.
Shock absorption
During this test, the airbag is subjected to pressure tests. The test is carried out using various devices to test the effectiveness of the airbag.
Protect your health without giving up your style
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