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An objective look at the overall health of your horse.

Cardio at effort and at rest, stress evaluation, calories burned... coupled with the CEEFIT sensor, the CEEFIT Pulse & ECG heart rate belt collects all the data relating to your horse's heart rate. Scientifically validated by two independent researchers from the University of Dijon, you can check your horse's good health on a daily basis and monitor his performance.

The horse, an athlete in its own right.
You will be able to perform electrocardiograms at home and monitor his heart health.
You will be able to perform electrocardiograms at home and monitor his heart health.
Knowing the health of your horse
The heart rate measured with CEEFIT Pulse &ECG provides you with very important information about the health of your horse. This information helps you to ensure your horse's continued well-being and to manage his training:
Detecting abnormalities, such as breathing problems, lameness or heart arrhythmias.
Avoiding various disorders and pathologies related to stress, fatigue or pain
Determining your horse's ability to train
Evaluate your physical condition to improve it
Analysing your horse's heart rate is a major asset for knowing its physical condition and gauging its form at a given moment. It is the starting point for any suitable training and the prerequisite for progress.
Understand the level of training and perform accurate stress tests.
Know the average and maximum HR, overall and by pace.
To discover the physiological efficiency of the horse over time.
By monitoring your horse's heart rate, you can check that you are training your horse sufficiently without overtraining it.
You will be able to determine your horse's progress by performing the same exercise 4 weeks apart and comparing his heart rate.
Optimise your training and control your performance
The CEEFIT Pulse &ECG heart rate monitor allows you to maintain your horse's morale and physique, while ensuring that your work pays off:
Know the intensity and value of the work required.
Evaluate your horse's progress, increase performance and endurance.
Build a precise training schedule.
Technical specifications
Breathable fabric belt to complement the CEEFIT Bluetooth sensor
Compatible with the Seaver app for SmartWatch
Easy to maintain
The electrodes do not apply any harmful pressure on the horse's back
Can be adapted to any type of strap thanks to the fasteners provided
Seaver, Alexandra Dillière's choice
With Seaver, I can confirm my impressions of my horses' locomotion immediately and accurately. I can also monitor their heart health, all in real time. This is important because what separates a good competition horse from a Grand Prix horse is often its heart rate. It is important to me to work with a French brand. For me, Seaver is the best, it's just great.
Professional Dressage Rider
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A tool I can no longer do without! It allows me to comfort my sensations and to follow the physical state of my mare.
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It is a product of the future which promises very beautiful things for the follow-up and the study of his horse!

It has become a really practical tool to analyze my sessions and see the overall progress of the horse and rider couple.
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Thank you for your very reactive after-sales service, the new girth works perfectly!
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Going the extra mile for horse health
Health being the keyword of Seaver, new functionalities have been developed in order to give access to precise information concerning the condition of the horse thanks to various tests such as the ECG, capable of detecting cardiac arrhythmia, or the "Fitness Shape Test" (developed in partnership with the researcher Véronique Billat).
These features are included in the HEALTH+ programme, a subscription available directly from the Seaver mobile application.
Make monitoring your horse's health a daily routine
CEEFIT and CEEFIT Pulse & ECG are the best tools to make sure your horse is healthy, without the need for veterinary travel or additional costs.
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