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Bring concrete data to your feelings to better understand your horse.

Whether it's trotting symmetry, elevation or jump analysis, the CEEFIT Bluetooth sensor collects numerical information on your horse in training and takes an objective look at each of your sessions. Progressing and reaching your goals while adapting the work proposed on a daily basis becomes easier.

Much more than technology
For example, you can compare the evolution of your horse's bounce at the gallop to obtain the low gait sought in endurance.
A global vision of your horse
With CEEFIT, you can add numbers to your feelings to know exactly how your horse moves , evolves and takes care of itself. You understand your horse better and know how it functions.
It is now possible to :
Realise how your horse really works on the jump and on the flat.
Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses
Assessing your horse's physical condition at a particular time
Gasby, a young 5 year old horse, tended to shift 5° to the left on average over 11 obstacles, out of a total of 15 jumps cleared during his last session.
This shift was in fact caused by an asymmetric rider in his aids, reinforced by his inexperience in jumping.
How long do you have to pace to recover before your session ends?
This is the question Theo asks himself when he stops working.
By viewing his horse's recovery time on the app, he now gives his horse enough time to fall below his recovery threshold.
Justine is preparing for the upcoming endurance racing season. She goes outside for training and works on her horse's canter, which must be short to cover the distance and limit fatigue.
Between each outing, she compares the values of the bounce of her horse's canter and notes that her work is bearing fruit: the bounce never exceeds 12 cm.
Health first
CEEFIT is your ally in monitoring the health of your horse on a daily basis, from your own stables. This way you can be sure that your horse is in good shape and gain peace of mind.
With CEEFIT, you will be able to :
Prevent and anticipate possible lameness, monitor a weak hindquarters or a weak back.
Follow precisely the recommendations of health professionals in case of rehabilitation and be alerted in real time in case of anomaly.
Ensure that your horse's muscles are well balanced, that you are aware of the effort made and that you avoid overexertion.
In practical terms, you can confirm that your horse is doing better after lameness problems by monitoring symmetry in the trot.
You can follow your horse's progress with your coach and adapt his training schedule by sharing his profile on the application.
Smooth and easy progress
CEEFIT is your asset to progress and reach your objectives serenely. From session to session, you can identify areas ofimprovement and visualise the points to be worked on with my horse, while keeping track of your progress with the progress and difficulties encountered.
In concrete terms, you can :
Improve your horse's rebound and consistency according to your goals
Increasing efficiency and comfort when jumping
Build a suitable training program
Technical specifications
40g of technology
Compatible with the Seaver app for SmartWatch
2 weeks standby time
and 25 hours of training
Shock and water resistant
Clips to the strap, ideal for
daily use
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French show jumping rider and Seaver partner
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A tool I can no longer do without! It allows me to comfort my sensations and to follow the physical state of my mare.
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It is a product of the future which promises very beautiful things for the follow-up and the study of his horse!

It has become a really practical tool to analyze my sessions and see the overall progress of the horse and rider couple.
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Understand your horse and progress together in complete serenity.
CEEFIT is the only sensor that is so small and easy to clip on, and offers more than 20 features.
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A universe at the service of the horse
and the riders.
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