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Let's engage with our community: a new format coming soon

Seaver is a project that wants to grow: for us, it is important to talk about what we want to achieve, even if we are still in the prototype phase. We wish to reach the people that are interested in technological innovations in horse riding and would like to promote our product in the name of better care for horses.

In order to reach enthusiasts, we launched our Ambassador Program about three weeks ago. The response has been amazing so far! With almost no marketing, we reached more than 80 applications for the program, and the numbers are rising every day.

Some numbers: 40% of Ambassadors are from French-speaking countries, while the rest is English-speaking. The average age is 22, and the vast majority is female. The countries that are represented the most are France, USA, UK and Australia.

The aim of our Ambassador Program is not just to have people who want to see this product come to light in its definitive form, actively supporting our project.
Our real aim is to find testers and “allies”, who will help us to improve the product once it is out. We would also love for our brand to bring like-minded people together, who want to meet during international and national events, in the name of a more scientific approach to horse training.

The next step is, now that the numbers are rising, to have personal interactions with each ambassador, to get to know them better. We are therefore planning the best way to do this, and will introduce a new section in our communication channels, which will be called “A day with an ambassador”. In this way, we will present those who support us and we hope contacts will be made within the Seaver community.

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