How to prevent equine doping?

As you may have heard, Germany was in an uncertain situation, as they feared they might lose their team silver medal won at the European Eventing Championships in August.

17th November 2017

Physical training: What about the rider?

Far too often, riders are not sufficiently attentive to their physical condition. Horse riding is a sport in the same way as the others and assumes that horse and rider are both in good shape. After mentioning the physical condition of the horse in our latest articles, let's talk a bit about ours...

23rd October 2017

The importance of a good back strengthening

The spine of the horse can be seen as a bridge: an assembly of vertebrae spaced a few millimeters apart, supported by two "pillars", the forehand and the hindquarters. The main back muscle is the latissimus dorsi, running down each side of the vertebrae.

27th September 2017

7 tips to protect your horse from heat wave

In recent days, we have been affected by a wave of intense and lasting heat. Several regions were placed on heat wave alert with above normal temperatures. Like us, horses suffer from heat.

20th June 2017

How does stress affect my horse's well-being?

In the wild, horse is a herd animal that grazes all day long and keeps an eye on his environment to run away from possible predators. The way of life we impose on him is often very different from that of his natural environment.

29th May 2017

How to detect a lameness?

The horse is of all animals the one most exposed to lameness. Particularly feared, owners and riders are not always able to detect them in time.

24th April 2017

A new winter circuit for pony riders

The lack of pony competitions during the winter season led the FEI to launch the FEI World Pony Jumping Trophy: a brand new circuit dedicated to pony riders.

19th December 2016

How to Choose the Best Feed for Your Horse ?

Seaver products allow you to measure how many calories are burned by your horse, which can help you to regulate it's feeding. But there are many other things to take in to account.

You do your best to make sure that your horse receives its feed at the right time and in right quantity.

12th October 2016

No guarantee that equestrian sports will feature in 2020 Olympics

Equestrian Sports are under threat - the IOC is reconsidering their place in the next Olympic games

Equestrian Sports are under threat. Accused of being too expensive, elitist and not popular enough, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is reconsidering their place in the next Olympic games.

5th August 2016

The road to Rio

The Road to Rio hasn’t been the smoothest

The Olympics are nearly here and we can’t wait! The Equestrian disciplines: eventing, dressage & jumping are the only Olympic sports where men and women compete against each other on an even playing field.

2nd August 2016

The Seaver Team was in La Baule (France) for this extraordinary event, presenting its innovation and its prototype to professionals and passionate riders during the 4-days competition!

19th May 2016

Thank you horse lovers!

Let's engage with our community: a new format coming soon

We are so excited! Given the success of our Ambassador Program, we will keep on engaging with horse enthusiasts and introduce them in the following weeks.
A new format will be launched called "A day with an Ambassador". Stay tuned; we hope you will enjoy it!

29th April 2016

Heart rate monitoring for a better training

The importance of cardiac frequency analysis

Heart rate, when combined with other metrics and correctly analyzed, can give riders and breeders a lot of useful information. Experts know very well certain parameters such as the V200 and the resting heart frequency. We want to make these analyses simple and useful for all riders.

22nd April 2016

Our mission

To help you better understand your horse

Today we inaugurate our blog with this message, wishing you all welcome on Seaver. But in fact, what is Seaver?

8th April 2016