It’s settled, for now on only 3 riders in the Olympic teams!

With 4-horses’ teams, many major riders had already been left out during the latest Olympics as, for instance, Reed Kessler, Laura Kraut but also Scott Brash, Rodrigo Pessoa or Phillipe Weishaupt.

Can you imagine Olympic games without Marcus Ehning or Bezzie Madden? This is unfortunately now quite possible with this new measure that lowers the global level.

The rumour was going round for weeks and it’s now official. The FEI has voted today in favour of reducing the number of riders in the Olympic teams and removing the drop score, which previously allowed for a team’s worst score to be discarded.

From now on, jumping, dressage and eventing teams will be composed of only 3 riders. Only 11 National Federations, including France, out of 107 represented, voted against the proposal. The latter has to be approved by the IOC for adoption at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. According to the FEI, this decision aims to increase the number of flags floating around the Olympic arenas but is it the only option?

By reducing the number of competitors per team, more small nations with lower level will be able to take part and then reducing the quality of the competitions and limiting the attraction.

Find here the FEI detailed press release.

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